Legacy of a visionary family

Discover the extraordinary legacy of our visionary family that spans back to the 1970s. Join us on this remarkable journey as we celebrate the triumphs, challenges, and milestones that have shaped our business into what it is today.

Early 1970

Founded in the early 1970s by the renowned Bernd Kübler and a group of visionary partners, the Kuebler Verlag emerged in Mannheim as a groundbreaking venture.



Originally focused on publishing non-fiction, the company took a step forward in 1978, embracing a new chapter in its journey by moving to the town of Lampertheim.

Book Greenpeace safe the whales



The company shifted it's focus to advertising journals from 1983.
In 1983, the first classifieds magazine was published as an advertising exchange for the Rhine-Neckar triangle under the "SperrMüll" brand. 

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1983 - 1988

In 1988, the company expanded its reach by acquiring the renowned classifieds publication "Kurz und Fündig" based in Munich. This marked the beginning of a series of strategic moves as they furthered their presence in the market by purchasing, founding, or investing in "Das Inserat" in the Rhine-Main region, "Such & Find" in the new federal states, "Alles" in Franconia, "Pinnwand" in Wuppertal, and several other notable ventures.



1988 - 1996

From 1988 to 1996, our company dominated the market in Germany with an impressive 50 percent share. But our influence didn't stop there. We also held shareholdings and proprietary interests in nine other countries, including the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Australia, and South Africa. Our global expansion efforts didn't go unnoticed either. In 1996, we were honored with the prestigious "Innovative SME" prize for our exceptional ability to expand abroad while simultaneously creating more job opportunities in Germany.

Jutta Kübler, Bernd's wife, played a pivotal role during this time, making a significant positive contribution to the company's success.
In December of 1994, a new addition to the family arrived as Jutta and Bernd welcomed their son Karsten into the world.



1996 - 2001

During the dawn of the new millennium, the publishing house boasted a thriving workforce of 1400 individuals stationed at its headquarters in Lampertheim. Additionally, around 2000 talented professionals were dispersed across nine different countries. As the new millennium approached, a prestigious Bank evaluated the company's worth to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars at the turn of the year 1999.


Holger Jäger, a highly accomplished professional in the construction industry, founded Bowcraft, paving the way for success in a new and exciting sector.

Holger Jaeger, Founder of Bowcraft


2001 - 2005 

From 2001 to 2005, under the invaluable guidance of Holger and Jutta, who became a shareholder at Bowcraft, it has experienced tremendous growth and has established itself as a prominent player in the construction industry.




In 2005, the publishing business underwent a transformation as it was sold, leading to a redirection of focus towards the construction industry. Additionally, the company ventured into the creation of book and audiobook productions.

2005 - 2017

Bowcraft experienced continuous growth in the construction industry sector from 2005 to 2017. During this time, Bowcraft began attracting prominent industry leaders as customers in various regions across the globe, spanning from Europe, through Asia, all the way to South Africa.




On 06/15/2017, the family and the company were profoundly saddened by the loss of Bernd Kübler. He was an incredible source of inspiration, and his absence will be deeply felt.


Following the unfortunate demise of Bernd, Holger and Jutta made the heartfelt decision to entrust their family enterprises to their successor, Karsten Kübler.




Karsten made the strategic decision to merge the companies and establish a united Headquarters in the vibrant cities of Mannheim & Bensheim. As an exciting addition to the group, a specialized Logistics company was founded, further strengthening the group's capabilities.



2022 / 2023

Because of their long-standing strong ties to the United States, the family made the strategic decision to expand their reach to both the United States and Canada. This led to the establishment of Oskorp Inc., a subsidiary with its headquarters based in sunny Florida.




In early 2024, after an extensive year of development, the groundbreaking UNITEE (learn more) Application was officially launched. This innovative app, conceptualized by the visionary Jutta, is an valuable tool for golfers across the globe. In the United States, the app is expertly maintained by the esteemed subsidiary of Oskorp, UNITEE LLC.