Industrial grade Duct Tape

Bull Duct Tape

Unleash the power of Bull Duct Tape, your ultimate ally for enduring repairs and projects. Made in the EU, this industrial-grade marvel boasts a four-layer backing for unmatched strength and versatility. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, it promises easy tear, strong adhesion, and clean removal. Embrace the excellence of European manufacturing with every roll, extending a generous 55 yards. Weather any storm, with Bull Duct Tape at your side.

Excellent adhesion

Hand-tearable & durable

Highest adhesion


About our Duct Tape

Bull Duct Tape: The Epitome of Strength and Durability

Crafted in the heart of the EU, Bull Duct Tape represents the pinnacle of duct tape innovation. Unlike conventional tapes predominantly made in China, our product is born from the highest quality industrial-grade materials, ensuring each roll meets the rigorous standards of durability and adhesion expected by professionals across various industries.

Unparalleled Performance Where It Matters

Each 55-yard roll is engineered with a top notch four-layer backing, providing extraordinary strength while retaining flexibility for easy tearing. This design philosophy guarantees that Bull Duct Tape is not just a tool but a versatile solution for a multitude of interior and exterior applications — from quick household fixes to demanding industrial repairs.

Weather and UV Resistant: Ready for Anything

Bull Duct Tape stands up to the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions. Its UV and weather resistance make it a reliable companion against the elements, be it wind, humidity, sun, or rain. This resilience ensures that Bull Duct Tape remains effective over time, preserving the integrity of your projects and repairs.

Proudly European: A Mark of Quality

Our commitment to quality is evident in our choice of manufacturing location. By producing Bull Duct Tape in the EU, we adhere to the highest standards of production and environmental responsibility. This dedication not only reflects in the superior quality of our tape but also supports a sustainable and ethical manufacturing process.

Embrace the unmatched quality and performance of Bull Duct Tape for your next project or repair. With every use, you'll discover why it stands at the top of the quality range, offering more than just adhesion — it provides peace of mind.

Technical Data

Need technical Details? We got you covered.

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  • Characteristics

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Backing: Synthetic cloth extruded & laminate

Adhesive: Non - solvent, specially modified UV stable adhesive, High Tack



  • Multilayer Strong Backing Easy Tear
  • Heavy Duty
  • Clean removal
  • UV Resistant
  • Weather Resistant (Wind, Humidity, Sun, Rain)



Typical value



265 / 11

Adhesion to Stainless Steel 180°


> 15

Tensile strength



Service Temperature range


-5  – +60
+14 – +140

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Note: Before use, the suitability of the product for the specific application must be examined by the user.


Need clarification?

What sets Bull Duct Tape apart from other duct tapes available in the market?

Bull Duct Tape distinguishes itself with its unparalleled strength and durability, attributed to its four-layer backing and easy-tear feature, making it both robust and user-friendly for a variety of applications. Unlike most duct tapes which are manufactured in China, our tape is proudly made in the EU, ensuring adherence to the highest quality and production standards.

Is Bull Duct Tape suitable for outdoor use?

Absolutely. Designed to endure the elements, Bull Duct Tape is UV and weather resistant, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether facing wind, humidity, sun, or rain, our tape maintains its integrity and performance.

How much tape comes in each roll of Bull Duct Tape, and why is this important?

Every roll of Bull Duct Tape offers 55 yards of high-quality tape, providing exceptional value by ensuring you have enough material for extensive projects or numerous repairs, avoiding frequent replacements.

What makes Bull Duct Tape a preferred choice for projects and repairs?

Its combination of heavy-duty performance, versatility, and the assurance of European manufacturing makes Bull Duct Tape ideal for a wide range of applications. From construction and automotive repairs to household tasks, our tape delivers top-tier performance where it matters most.

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