Reliable multipurpose tape

Farmer‘s Tape

Farmer's Tape, also known as Ranger Tape, is a durable, transparent adhesive solution specifically engineered for the agricultural industry to effectively bond and repair films in environments like greenhouses, ensuring water resistance and UV stability without yellowing over time.

Excellent adhesion to films / foil

Hand-tearable & stretchable

UV stable, does not turn yellow


Lowest emmissions

The premium class EMICODE® EC1PLUS defines the limit of what is technically feasible today.

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About the Farmer's Tape

Farmer's Tape is a robust, transparent adhesive tape, crafted with a specialized acrylic adhesive that affords a permanent and strong bond for agricultural films, crucial for the integrity of greenhouses and tunnels. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, it adheres flawlessly to both dry and moist surfaces, ensuring durability and reliability. Its UV stability means it remains clear and non-yellowing over time, allowing essential UV light to reach plants, thus supporting their growth. Farmer's Tape is an indispensable tool for farmers seeking to maintain and protect their agricultural investments with efficiency and confidence.

Technical Data

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Backing: PE film, 70 μm

Colors: Transparent

Scrim: Rhombic 

Colors: Black 

Adhesive: Acrylic

Liner: Siliconized paper

  • Tape with special adhesive for superior adhesion to construction films and underlays
  • Hand-tearable, reinforced special film with excellent elasticity›Good temperature resistance
  • Excellent water vapour resistance
  • Acrylic adhesive with excellent ageing resistance
  • Solvent free adhesive
  • Fulfil the requirements of DIN 4108-11
  • Tested according to ASTM E331




Typical value


DIN EN 1942 / ASTM D3652



Elongation at break

DIN EN 29864 / ASTM D3759



Tensile strength

DIN EN 29864 / ASTM D3759



Adhesion to steel

EN ISO 29862 / ASTM D3330



Temperature range



-40 – +80
-40 – +176 





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Need clarification?

Can Farmer's Tape be applied to moist surfaces, and how does it perform in wet conditions?

Yes, Farmer's Tape is uniquely formulated to adhere effectively even on moist surfaces, making it exceptionally reliable for use in damp environments. Its 100% water-resistant adhesive ensures a strong bond and performance even during rain and in cold temperatures.

What types of surfaces is Farmer's Tape suitable for, and can it be used outside of agricultural settings?

Farmer's Tape is versatile and ideally suited for various smooth to slightly rough substrates, including not just agricultural films but also other plastic, metal and many other materials that might be exposed to outdoor elements, making it a robust tool for a range of repair needs. 

How does continuous exposure to sunlight affect the performance and appearance of Farmer's Tape?

The UV stability of Farmer's Tape ensures that it remains effective and does not degrade with sunlight exposure. Moreover, its transparent nature allows UV rays to pass through without yellowing, maintaining its clarity over time and ensuring no obstruction to light needed for plant growth.

How long does Farmer's Tape last once applied, and does it require frequent replacement?

Farmer's Tape is engineered for long-term durability, designed to withstand the rigors of agricultural use without frequent replacement. Its strong adhesive bond and resistance to weather conditions contribute to its longevity, but the specific lifespan may vary depending on the application and environmental factors. 

When tested in our laboratory under ideal circumstances, the tape was able to maintain it's adhesive characteristics with near to no change for over 50 years (artificial aging).

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